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FDR HL Credits 3 Prerequisite ENGL Faculty Wheeler A consideration of American poetry from the first half of the 20th century, including modernism, the Harlem Renaissance, and popular poetry. Students are encouraged to share their work and hone their skills with faculty who are actively involved in the editing process. The range of writings possible in this class include poems, prose poems, personal essays, sudden fiction, humor writing, short-short memoirs and creative non-fiction, and other genre-defying work. Each student enriches the program and larger campus culture with his or her varied life story and experiences, and the classroom serves as an intercultural laboratory to explore and learn with others. FDR HL Credits 3 Prerequisite ENGL Faculty Pickett In a given term, this course focuses on one or two of the major genres explored Distinctively visual by Shakespeare e. FDR HL Credits 3 in fall, winter; 4 in spring Prerequisite Completion of FW requirement Faculty Staff A course that uses ethnicity, race, and culture to develop readings of literature. I found teaching so rewarding that I had a revelation: Oskoz with the social media presence for the program, with help from fellow scholar Sage Burch. He also enjoys playing video games. Experience university life abroad as a resident, or earn academic credit while participating in summer group-study courses led by UBC profs. Students wishing to become a BFA Major in Creative Writing should consult the information for prospective BFA Majors. Galina Madjaroff Reitz is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director at the Erickson School at UMBC. German see Modern Languages and Linguistics. Following undergraduate study in Political Science and French at Syracuse University, I joined the Peace Corps and spent the next two years serving as a university English teacher in the republics of Guinea and Mali, West Africa. Astronomy see also Physics Minor B Biochemistry and Molecular Biology see also Biological Sciences B. At the same time, I am taking some courses for obtaining a TESOL certificate. This coming fall I will start graduate assistantship with UMBC. Nine years ago, I found myself taking a huge leap of faith by spending a year in the United States under the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program KL-YES. Literary Editing and Publishing Prerequisite: The full immersion Spanish classes will complement my existing Spanish. Undergraduate Program The Creative Writing Program at UBC is unique within North America, offering workshops in the following genres: Together, they provide the student with a comprehension of the intellectual and visual environment in which we live. A diverse natural region with sandy beaches, beautiful farms, vineyards and orchards, and snow-capped mountains, the Okanagan Valley features sweeping stretches of lakeside and endless mountain trails for biking and hiking. Career Boosters Freshman Year: In Fall I was also on the executive board of QUMBC, a queer activist group on campus, as their communications director. Seminar in Critical Theory Prerequisites: Versions of this course may survey several periods or concentrate on a group of works from a short span of time. Students develop their analytical writing skills in a series of short papers. Studies in British literature, supported by attention to historical contexts. In addition, English graduates go into law, medicine, government, social work, public relations, advertising, law enforcement, foreign service and new media design. Seminar in Rhetoric and Composition Explores special topics in rhetoric and composition studies, such as rhetorical theory and history, composition theory, literacy theory, research methods, genre studies, writing assessment, teaching with technology. Students are encouraged to discuss their academic program and related concerns with an English department advisor. I started as a program researcher for the investigative arm of different news programs and eventually got promoted as a segment producer for a primetime evening newscast. Chicano and Latino, Native American, African-American, Asian-American, Caribbean, African, sub-continental India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka , and others. This course studies that story, considers alternate stories of human economic organization, such as those of American Indian tribes, and sees how these stories have been acted out in American business and society. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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ELECTIVE COURSES 18 credits — Choose two courses from each of the three content areas as designated below. Quick Links Tech Help TicketDog UAccess SBS Home UA Home. For specific program requirements, consult with the credential adviser each semester. The minor in writing at UMBC is open to — and appropriate for — students majoring in any field. In the fall of I was lucky enough to participate in the Disney College Program and I hope to work for Disney again after I graduate. Social Work see also Universities at Shady Grove. It’s been my favorite and dreaded place at various points, but I guess that’s why it will have such a special place in my heart. Fiction Writing Beginning workshop in the writing of fiction; appropriate reading and analyses. No more than six of the 15 semester hours may be taken at an institution other than the University of Maryland, College Park. Completion of ENGL 5A with a grade of C or better. Department Quicklinks Department Home Faculty Directory Career Advice Undergraduate Programs Freshman Composition Course Catalog Undergraduate Apply Undergraduate Graduate Programs Graduate School Apply Graduate UAB Writing Center Give Contact Us. Minor Environmental Studies B. This quote, perhaps, best describes my intentions of studying Intercultural Communication at UMBC; to design that amorphous product of communication that fits us all with little alteration. OOPS, WE CAN’T FIND THE PAGE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR. The freshman seminar was very rewarding in that it helped improve my writing and analytical skills and pushed me to grow academically and as a person. Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his sister, Christina, provide a window into the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Apart from my graduate study at UMBC, I am also a teaching assistant teaching undergraduate Chinese for the MLL Department and the Chinese mentor of the ILE program. UMBC subscribe unsubscribe 1, readers 8 users here now New Style! Reading and writing analysis of major works of Shakespeare. Modern and Contemporary American Literature Corequisite: Wyoming top of page. English Major, Secondary Education Certificate Strengths: UBC Search UBC Search. English Workshop Seminar in composition and learning. Moving to New York to teach, audition and study dance B. Advancing New Perspectives, published by Lexington Books. Arizona top of page. Focus on research, analysis, synthesis, argument, and evaluation. Home About Us Faculty Publications Events and Series Department Administration Have a Question? His poem,”Night Paths,” will appear in the spring issue of the San Pedro RiverReview. The University of British Columbia. She loves crafting for other people, especially when her photography is involved. Working toward a Masters of Art in Intercultural Communications combined with her own life experiences, will make Chacon an expert in her field and a willingness to communicate with cultures in hope to solve problems that can better the world. More than buses travel daily from campus to key locations such as Kelowna’s cultural district and thriving downtown waterfront. Intensive workshop in the writing of fiction; appropriate readings and analyses. My final upper-level language classes will count towards both my undergraduate and future graduate degrees.

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Originally from Boston, Emily discovered her passion for languages and education during her undergraduate years at Middlebury College and while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauritania, West Africa. Both the basic minor and the extended minor share a common four-course core:. Mixed into my travels were many wonderful people from all over the world as well, who introduced me to new ways of perceiving the world we share. At least 15 units must be earned at the — level. Agnes Catholic Church, and have held internships with BrickHouse Books, a Baltimore-based publishing house and with Loch Raven Review, a Baltimore-based online literary journal. MFA Candidate Emily Myrick Receives Award from Fugue Journal. Did you know that UBC outlines admission requirements according to where you attended high school or university? Connecticut top of page. It was also made possible through the help Distinctively visual of the UMBC Honors College. Forms and Downloads Creative Writing Minor Student Handout. Shakespeare and Film The study of important time adaptations of Shakrespeare’s plays. Georgia top of page. My archaeology field school experience in Transylvania was similarly immersive, involving staying with a local Romanian host family and excavating at an operating dig site. More recently, she will be the Social Media Intern for Student Life for the academic year. ENGL , , or 4 units. No new applications accepted. Antioch University Midwest Liberal Studies, Creative Writing and Literature BA. Michigan top of page. Degree Options The following links take you to Creative Writing program details in the Okanagan Academic Calendar, a comprehensive guide to all programs, courses, services, and academic policies at The University of British Columbia: News from Mark Fitzgerald. Division of Professional Studies Universities at Shady Grove. I would say the access to many wonderful resources is my favorite thing about being a humanities scholar. Anne Fleming, UBC Professor. Some recent topics have been Detective Fiction; American Indian Literatures; Revenge; and David Thoreau and American Transcendentalism. Check out this new app. MCS is stupid easy on its own. Survey of the major forms and genres of children’s literature. I also obtained my Secondary Education certification. Only one course from below can be counted towards Electives. Starting my third semester in the INCC program, I am going to apply my developing skills working as a T. Minors must then take one of these three courses: Sage Burch Class of Possible topics include the multiplot novel, women novelists, industrial and country house novels, mysteries and gothics, and the bildungsroman. Her favorite foods are ice cream, dark chocolate, coffee, and burgers not all at once , and loves excessively using exclamation points!!!! Geographic Information Systems M. Professional development opportunities will be introduced. Upon completing her Masters degree in Management of Aging Services she pursued a Doctorate in the Information Systems department with a concentration in Human Centered Computing. That place is the Center for Excellence in Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics Education in Academic IV. Students who wish to apply to the Creative Writing minor should go to the ARHU minors webpage http: Examines current issues in the field of literacy studies pertaining to English education. After completing my undergraduate studies, I taught French in Frederick, Maryland. Reading, discussion, and written analyses of the major works of John Milton. We consider the usefulness of comparative discussion of Atwood’s sources from Homer to Shakespeare to Orwell’s , and we employ a human rights framework in discussing her entertaining writings. UMBC provides so many opportunities to get involved. One of these courses must be at the level. Students will finish with at least one complete short screenplay ready for production. This course is a serious inquiry into what’s funny, how to write that way and how to say something important in the process. The Ohio State University. Digital storytelling is a growing area of multimodal communication that is part of a larger movement to empower communities and voices through the use of digital tools and platforms.

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Designed for majors in all fields who want to develop their writing. Mth Mtl Engl Units: Public Health Track This track prepares students for employment in the areas of health administration, research, or policy as a part of the Health Administration and Policy Program HAPP with an emphasis in natural science. She is also a fellow sister, and Public Jrotc essay contest 2011 Relations for her Alpha Sigma Alpha chapter. College of Arts and Sciences About the College Meet the Dean School and Divisions Accomplishments Meet the Staff Undergraduate Majors and Minors Majors Minors Course Descriptions University Writing Program Graduate Programs and Certificates Degree Programs Certificate Programs Admission Student Resources Academic Advising Internships Honor and Academic Societies Awards Mathematics Learning Center Global Field Studies Faculty Alphabetical Directory By Program By School Retired Faculty Awards Faculty Matters Journal Boards Alumni Volunteer Opportunities Advisory Council Contact Us. Wales is a country that really supports and sustains its creative writers. Tutoring Center Math Lab Writing Center SI P. So you study communications A comparison of electronic mail with a journalism track, broadcasting track, etc. Minor Sociology, Anthropology, and Health Administration and Policy Anthropology, Cultural B. FDR HL Credits 3 Prerequisite ENGL Faculty Warren An introduction to literary theory, focusing on classic texts in literary criticism and on contemporary developments such as Formalism, Structuralism, Deconstruction, Marxism, New Historicism and Cultural Studies, Feminism and Gender Studies, and Ecocriticism. Most of the faculty have published books, textbooks, and articles in their disciplines, five have received outstanding teaching awards at the university, and one has received an outstanding teaching award for the entire CSU system. Practicum in the Teaching of Writing Prerequisite: I had a wonderful learning experience by teaching my own culture and language to American students next to faculty from Italy, France, Spain, China, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Comma splices, Thesis statements, Paragraph flow, Conclusion paragraphs. International development internship cover letter A course in the practice of writing poetry, involving workshops, literary study, and critical writing. Greek see Ancient Studies H Health Administration and Policy see also Sociology, Anthropology, and Health Administration and Policy B. Moreover, we examine language myths, the construction of standard English, issues of correctness, orality, pidgins and creoles, and the variety of Englishes in their diverse configurations. English Literature, Secondary Education Certificate Strengths: SC SSC Email Blackboard Financial Aid Majors and Programs Administration Employment Information Technology. This provision allows students to complete more than one minor program without having to take 36 total hours of classes. The Plork Award honors a graduate student whose work best exemplifies the spirit of the M. Cert Engineering Management see also Division of Professional Studies M. Meet a student researcher in Chemistry. For more information, bnp74.ru visit globalstudies. More important, people should realize that intercultural communication cannot be ignored anymore and people should be much more open-minded to different cultures. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. ENGL 5 or ENGL FDR HL Credits 3 Prerequisite ENGL Faculty Pickett In a given term, this Life science essay questions grade 11 course focuses on one or two of the major genres explored by Shakespeare e. They’re virtually always looking for new interns so it’s worth checking out to get your foot in the door over there. WRIT Writing Memoir and Creative Nonfiction. This directory includes creative writing undergraduate programs. Cert Media and Communication Studies B. As a UMBC student, I have always been encouraged to get involved, get active, and get interested. Campus Maps Visitor Information Fast Facts Administration Publications University Advancement 50th Anniversary College Town Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Contact Us. The English minors feature literature, creative writing, journalism, and professional writing. I Proofreading checker think that’s pretty cool. After I complete my degree I would like to help others through difficult intercultural situations and allow them to see the world through multiple lenses. Under my Ancient Studies mentor, Dr. Students guided to analyze the rhetorical qualities of academic literacy and language. Course List Code Title Units Required Courses Units Select at least four of the following: Instruction in teaching writing across content areas. When she is not working or studying she enjoys playing soccer and trying new foods. Writing and Teaching Writing Prerequisites: Sherman Hall, Room Hilltop Circle, Baltimore MD Phone: Readings include novels and short stories originally written in English. Seminar to be taken concurrently with ENGL during the first semester of enrollment in program. So, I’ll be spending the next few months sending lots and lots of emails to companies hoping to find something good that’s entry-level. Can be substituted for LING requirement for English Education majors. The same also applies to radio.

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The classes have given me a deeper understanding for intercultural communication and I have acquired intercultural competency especially through the training track. Undergraduate Program The Creative Writing Program at UBC is unique within North America, offering workshops in the following genres: A service learning component is also included in the course through Campus Kitchen. The campus is two minutes from the Kelowna International Airport, one of the Top 10 busiest airports in Canada. Minor Chinese UD Cert. Advanced Prose Writing Prerequisite: Final Student Teaching Seminar – English Prerequisites: Check out this new app. The requirements and opportunities almost force you kingmotors.000webhostapp.com to get out there and be involved. Limited to students enrolled in the MFA program. Per the recommendation of my academic advisor, I applied for the program early in my junior year at UMBC and took my first graduate course this past Spring. English Department Course Policies Honors Thesis and Independent Study Guidelines-Process University Forms. And I don’t know if there are really any journalism classes offered. I am a Global Studies Major, and am specifically in Track 2: Delve Deeper Graduate Writing Programs Undergrad Writing Programs Writing Conferences and Events Calls for Submissions Writing Contests Literary Links Young Writers Guide Blogs and News Sites Poets and Writers Blogs Interviews Big List of Graduate Writing Programs Big List of Writing Contests. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. This course examines both the masterpieces and undiscovered gems of English language theater from Samuel Beckett to the present. Readings in British Literature Prerequisites: An exploration of fiction since World War II. She is a junior at UMBC, majoring in Animation and minoring in History. I became enamored with language and culture at quite a young age and, since then, my interest for these subjects has only continued to grow and diversify. Check your status or accept your offer. She has presented her research at venues around the country and internationally as well as consulted technology companies in the design of new devices for seniors. In all cases, the course introduces students to fundamental issues in the interpretation of theatrical texts. I was born in Sri Lanka, moved to India, and then moved to the United States. Contact Information Department Chair Genelle Gertz gertzg wlu. Fellow Humanities Scholar Alex Armbruster Junior Managing Editor and I plan to make the editing experience a better one for all of those involved with selecting pieces for the final publication. An Honors University in Maryland. This course focuses on writing memoir as well as specialized nonfiction genres such as biography, and nature or travel writing. Students will deepen their knowledge of the general craft of writing, expand their personal writing horizons by writing outside familiar genres, and work intensively on drafting and revising short works. Students must submit writing samples to qualify for admission. Vermont top of page. Students will learn scholarly modes of evaluation, analysis, critical approaches, argumentation, academic conventions, and professional ethics. After completing my studies at UMBC, I hope to start a career in international development, preferably focusing on education development in West Africa. This course investigates the dramatic essence, creative demands, and craft of feature length screenwriting. Foundation and breadth area C. Screenwriting CRWR — Editing and publishing Browse here for all Creative Writing courses and their descriptions. In both courses, students will read and discuss a variety of influential fiction and poetry.

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An Honors University in Maryland. A study of a topic in literature issuing in a research process and sustained critical writing. Media and Communication Studies Program, UMBC, Hilltop Circle, Fine Arts , Baltimore, MD Practical assignments and individual coaching on specific writing problems. English Workshop Seminar in composition and learning. Main menu About Undergraduate MA-Medical Humanities MFA-Creative Writing PhD-English Grad Minor People. She has bemiddelinggent.be presented her research at venues around the country and internationally as well as consulted technology companies in the design of new devices for seniors. Get a financial boost to start your research experience and help pay for travel and other expenses. After finishing high school I took my first trip to the US. Lynn Watson Theatre and UMBC Theatre alum, Rachel Hirshorn, presented their research at the Voice and Speech Trainers Assoc. My undergraduate research dealt with integration and identity of second generation immigrants from the Maghreb in France. Home Blog Magazines Books Reviews Writers Resources Classifieds Bookstores Contact FAQ. Directions Directory Housing Institutional Effectiveness Place i want to go essay Jobs at UB News Parking Performing Arts. In addition, the faculty includes a number of lecturers, part-time instructors and teaching assistants, and the department operates an English writing lab staffed by tutors trained to work with students on an individual basis. Completion of FW FDR. Students also have the opportunity to study Creative Writing as a minor in combination with another discipline or to combine their major in Creative Writing and the requirements of another BA program that offers a combined major currently Art History and Visual Culture, Cultural Studies, and English. Check out this new app. Starting a job with the Department of Defense B. In Fall I was also on the executive board of QUMBC, barcaart.000webhostapp.com a queer activist group on campus, as their communications director. Limited to students enrolled in the MFA program. Margaret Stewart Kimbell, D. Students read each other’s work and explore the conventions of the short story. An introductory study of drama, emphasizing form, history, and performance. Also, I am looking forward to refining my career and research interests, which I believe that the Intercultural Communications degree will do. Topics include colonization and decolonization; writing in the colonizer’s language; questions Paper grader of universality; hybridity, exile, and migrancy; the relationship of postcolonial to postmodern; Orientalism; censorship; and the role of post-imperial Britain in the publication, distribution, and consumption of postcolonial literature. The literature minor is intended for students who wish to augment their knowledge of English and American literature while also refining their skills in close reading and critical interpretation of literary texts. To be surrounded with and learning from people who are just as passionate in bridging cultural understanding would be an opportunity of a lifetime. Global Studies offers a challenging, interdisciplinary liberal arts education focusing on foreign language, study abroad, and experiential learning in the form of internships and other extra-curricular activities. Tue Nov 14 6: Meet a student researcher in Chemistry. Minor Aging Services Management of Aging Services B. ENGL same as DRAMA Some attention is paid to the traditions of Irish poetry, Irish history and language, and the larger context of European modernism that Irish modernism both engages and resists. Call Us Mon-Thur 9 a. In addition to French, I can speak German, as well as some Russian. Skip to main content Academic Regulations Search Catalog Catalog Archives Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Microsoft Word Viewer Download Microsoft Excel Viewer Download Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer. Tennessee top of page. Culminating Workshop in the Major – English Education In preparation of the culminating reflective portfolio required for subject matter competency in English Education, students will learn to reflect, analyze, and demonstrate their learning in the four major areas of English Language Arts Education drawn from the California State Subject Matter Requirements for Prospective English Teachers.

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Before commonvision she worked in an ice cream parlor and portrait studio, so if you ever need a quality shake or a portrait taken she’s your girl. Twelve additional credits of English courses must be taken, with six of those credits at the or level. Elementary Education UD Cert-M. Psychology, Creative Writing Strengths: In collaboration with neuroscientist Dr. The program doesn’t just focus on the writing, it focuses on the From rags to riches essay writer. During the last quarter of my senior year, I was able to study abroad through a Spanish language and Argentine culture immersion program in Mendoza, Argentina. Major Minors Freshman Seminars Honors Study Abroad Spenser Archive Sigma Tau Delta. With help from the Humanities Scholars Program and the Honors College, I have had the pleasure of establishing great working relationships with professors. Limited enrollment Eos thesis Faculty Staff A course in the practice of writing nonfiction, involving workshops, literary study, and critical writing. Not only did the Center provide me with a dynamic staff of educators and resources that were vital to my success at UMBC You can see downtown Baltimore, the Key Bridge and most of UMBC. Seminar in composition and learning. As I recall, you can write about just anything. I am in my second semester in the INCC program and planning to go on a PhD when I am back in Europe, Development plan reflection applying Intercultural Communication to the field of Translation and Interpreting. Of course, I learned a lot about French and Russian and about different cultures, but I also learned important life skills, such as adapting to changing situations and being more independent. Meets the university remediation requirement. Love to workout and I have a cat named Chicken! U V Visual Arts B. Staff Achievement Awards Program This is an annual opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional staff contributions to the success of the College. Passionate about intercultural exchange and understanding, I returned to the U. For the past three years I have been working combining my two passions: This visual thesis drew many concepts Write descriptive essay introduction from intercultural communication, and so I was intrigued when I learned of the INCC graduate program. Can be substituted for LING requirement for English Education majors. I will be teaching undergraduate Arabic. Requirements 19 total credits. Galina Madjaroff Reitz is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director at the Erickson School at UMBC. UMBC’s outstanding English faculty includes winners of the Guggenheim, National Endowment for the Humanities, and Fulbright fellowships, as well as recipients of the American Studies Network Prize, the James Thurber Prize for Comic Fiction, the James N. There are courses in journalism, and I know of at least one class on broadcast television.

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She loves to go on adventures and make friends with strangers. Seminar in Literary Studies No more than 12 units of ENGL T- ENGLT may be applied to the English major. Seminar in Critical Theory Prerequisites: The core of the English major consists of four basic kinds of courses in the upper division: Understanding to see The Children of Húrin beyond what is placed in front of you is crucial into keeping an open mind about the world we live in and the people that inhabit it day to day. Seminar to be taken concurrently with ENGL during the first semester of enrollment in program. The building is always open and aside from the occasional janitor, the floor is devoid of noise and distraction, allowing for ideal cramming conditions. In addition to being a Safe And Secure Hum Scholar, I am also a member of the Honors College. WRIT Writing Short Fiction. In my two years with the broadcasting company, I was exposed to several issues haunting our country, like poverty, corruption, natural disasters, and abuse of human rights. I also have to opportunity to begin conducting research as part of the MLL Departmental Honors program. THEA Playwriting I. Hello, my name is Emily Grace and I am entering my final year as a Humanities Scholar and Honors College Student at UMBC as an English Literature Major with a Music Minor. Along her journey, she has gained vital experience as an Intern at United States Hispanic Youth Entrepreneur Education USHYEE. In addition, the faculty includes a number of lecturers, part-time instructors and teaching assistants, and the department operates an English writing lab staffed by tutors trained to work with students on an individual basis. In a given term, this course focuses on one or two of the major genres explored by Shakespeare e. Social Links Department of English on Twitter Department of English on Facebook. Topics may include the women’s rights movement, realism and naturalism, urbanization and industrialization, migration and immigration. I have been exposed to intercultural experiences in France, Germany and United Arab Emirates where I lived for one year. An Honors University in Maryland. Introduction Year-by-Year Plan Curriculum Resources. Quantitative Biology see also Biological Sciences. Academics Undergraduate Graduate Program Fall Courses Careers Student Stories People Faculty Directory Faculty by Specialization Adjunct Directory Emeriti Directory Staff Directory Publications News Events Calendar Alumni Give The College. This innovative program is committed to educating and preparing teachers in the STEM fields science, technology, engineering and mathematics to make a difference in Maryland public P schools. No more than 2 units of ENGL may apply to the English major. ENGL , , or 4 units. In addition to historical and literary contexts, we explore theoretical issues surrounding the texts, especially the relationship between history and fantasy, courtly love and adultery, erotic love and madness, romance and chivalry, gender and agency, and Europe and its Others. The University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus. Covers fundamental composition elements to aid the development of basic writing skills; not applicable toward baccalaureate degree requirements. Health Administration and Policy see also Sociology, Anthropology, and Health Administration and Policy. Home About Us Faculty Publications Events and Series Department Administration Have a Question? And I don’t know if there are really any journalism classes offered. This course considers the primary work on which Chaucer’s reputation rests: Lea is a senior at UMBC, majoring in Media and Communication Studies, with a double minor in American Studies and Print Media. Reading works from a literary period for example, More to Milton, 20th Century American Literature, World Literature, Renaissance-Modern and discussion in individual conferences. Minor German see Modern Languages and Linguistics Minor Gerontology see also Sociology and Anthropology Ph. Some attention is paid to the traditions of Irish poetry, Irish history and language, and the larger context of European modernism that Irish modernism both engages and resists. Not open to students with a major in English, a major in Creative Writing in the Residential College, a minor in English, or a minor in Writing through the Sweetland Center for Writing. Organization may be chronological, thematic, or generic and may cover English language, western, or world drama. Application Deadlines Plan ahead to ensure you meet important deadlines and other target dates listed at you. FDR HA Credits 3 in fall, winter; 4 in spring Prerequisite Competition of FW requirement. Application materials can also be mailed to the University of Baltimore Office of Graduate Admission, N. THEA Playwriting II. Minor Finance UD Cert Financial Economics B. MA in Intercultural Communication. For more on the faculty, see the faculty pages. MFA Candidate Chris Philpot has two poems “Occupations of Uninhabited Space” and “I Am Full of Dread” in the most recent issue of Forklift, Ohio, and his poem “Category: Student’s Advice for the Dissertation. This is a course for anyone interested in editing literary journals, writing for the literary community blogs, news releases, two book reviews, features, business correspondence , and how both print and on-line journals operate.